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Mollihawk's Atlantic Circumnavigation
eddie/david nicholson
Sun 7 Dec 2008 13:26
As none of our viewers sent us an urgent e mail last night warning us NOT to eat that monster fish which we caught it will be no surprise to them that we are all alive and well this morning!
By the way we caught another one the same size while we were in the pub having happy hour!
He was quickly filleted and the remains discarded with as he was interrupting proceedings! and the rod put away so it couldn't happen again.
We have Saint Lucia at last in our sights , well on the chart plotter anyway but it has been a long while waiting for the islands to appear even on the lowest magnification of our charts.
With a mere 888km to go 
We are amazed at how well the Mollihawk's Shadow Recycling Company is operating with only approx. 6 days to go.
All waste food gets sent to Neptune in an attempt to lure a few followers! (outside of pub hours)
 All Biodegradable and Organic products go over the side,these will eventually end as healthy nutrient and help to provide a larger specimen of fish for others who follow in our path in years to come! 
All plastic bottles tubs everything and anything plastic gets washed and then cut up and put into a larger bag for disposal ashore, this has saved us a huge amount of space and becomes a daily ritual to 'cut the plastic'!
All cans find themselves in a different box washed and squashed.
So in all we have only 4 bags of recyclable waste to dispose of after 2 weeks aboard!

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