Mollihawk's Atlantic Circumnavigation
eddie/david nicholson
Thu 11 Dec 2008 17:41
JP has come into his own catching a whopping 9/10 kilo Dorado!!
As soon as the reel started whizzing we snuffed the spinny and put the boat
into irons.
  JP struggled for a good 10 minutes before he managed to stamp his authority on the situation and began winding him in and then suddenly the stem of the reel snapped and the reel broke away from the rod creating pure panic aboard!
 Under the immense pressure of the situation quick thinking Jockser Walsh got the line on the back Anderson 46 electric winch and with all hands on deck we managed to retain control!
The DORADO kicked and screamed all the way in and as we got him to the side of the boat he gave a last attempt to release himself and managed to slip off the lure while still in the water but the skipper was waiting underneath with the gaff and applied upward trajectory and nailed him right on Q!
A deck fight ensued form a few moments but he was finally put to rest in a much sedated way as
the cheap brandy was liberally applied through the gills!
We ate him in fillets for dinner last night and was v.nice quite similar to a large mackerel but not as tasty.

154 miles to go we can almost smell the land.
We have no shortage of food even fresh salads are still appearing for lunch as if they were bought today! the HOD our Chef  extraordinaire has done an outstanding job on the catering and has even suggested that we circle the island tomorrow a few times to try to get the food levels down.Surprisingly there were no immediate takers!
Having lived day and night at an angle of about 30 degrees it will be strange to be walking about upright, maybe the first night we might wander back to the boat at the accustomed angle!It wouldn't be a good thing to straighten up too quickly!JP has requested a water bed in the nearest hotel but kitty won't stretch that far!
Well we hope you have enjoyed following us along our Atlantic path we certainly have had a ball and we will see all of you very soon, maybe we'll post one last pic of land when we see it if we can remember.
MHS out.

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