Happy hour with new friends

Mollihawk's Atlantic Circumnavigation
eddie/david nicholson
Thu 27 Nov 2008 16:46

Date: 27 November 2008

Position: 20° 20 N 21°51 W




 The wind has strengthened and the crews spirit's are high. We are now sailing south under our blue spinnaker and have recorded speeds of over 10 knots in the last 24 hours nice to be making real progress.
 The night before was pitch black with no moon and the stars were shrouded out by a thick cloud cover. The winds were lighter and our speeds where down. At about three in the morning on our port side we saw what can only be described as ghost like figure. Glowing white from the phosorous in the water the figure took on the shape of a sea banshee as it swiped under our hull. One can now fully understand the tails told by sailors of mystical creatures on their return from the new world. With our day's helming done yesterday we handed the helm controls over to the auto pilot while we all went to the pub for our now daily happy .
Mick H requested Rum and fruit juice accompanied with the musical works of Super tramp. As we settled into our sun downers our party was gate crashed by the ghost creatures from the previous night. But in the sunlight these creatures were not ghostly white and supernatural, but a sailor's greatest sea companion the common dolphin. Suddenly a pod of about 30 dolphins could be seen in the distance leaping from the water and making with great haste towards the Supertramp music emanating from our hull. They stayed with us for over an hour leaping on both port and starboard  sides in time with the music and as the sun sank ,the music played on we both enjoyed each other's company.Everyone knew that this was a moment in time that was special to everyone aboard as well as our new found friends.   
We have now sailed 575 Nauticla miles South since leaving Gran Canaria and are approaching the Cape Verde Islands.This is where we turn left for St.Lucia and so now we are on the homeward stretch!!!
To all of you who helped with the dinner recipies well done, Mike gathers together the ingredients daily and the chef of the night cooks it and we all sit down for the feast each night while raising our glass to the Mrs.Delia for providing us with the know how!

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