Mollihawk's Atlantic Circumnavigation
eddie/david nicholson
Sat 15 Nov 2008 06:48
 Our current position is 28 33.400 N 14 25.942 W
We are on the move again after two months in Rubicon Marina Lanzarote.
The crew for this short trip Dad and myself and so far after 5 hours at sea we have'nt had any stand offs! mostly because I have been on watch and the other Skipper has had his head down now the roles are about to be reversed.
As I write this (by the way you now have a new blogger and I am sure I've been called similar sounding things before but never by the crew of course!)
 It is 6 am and we are half way to Las Palmas where we join all the other 219 boats taking partin the ARC Rally which begins Sunday week.
We set sail at 1 am this morning and should arrive Saturday afternoon .
It is 95 miles and shold take us about 14 hours.
We chose to stay away from Las Palmas for as long as we could as it would be so busy there and we got more things done more easily by being in the quiet marina of Rubicon.
All is well on board except a few minor headaches leading into a transatlantic crossing... we can't get the fresh water out of the water tanks in the boat as the pump has broken(seized) and we are awaiting a new one with Mike on Tuesday.And we can't charge our batteries with the engine as we have a problem with our altinator! this too is due to be sorted when we arrive in Las Palmas.
JP arrives Monday and the others Mike , John, and Dermot come Tuesday.
Dermot has for some strange reason decided to put a cast on his arm for the trip and tells me he has a doctors cert.which only allows him preform duties around happy hour!
This suits as he was only brought to pour the drinks anyway!
Thank you to all of you who have sent us messages , keep them coming it's great to get mail,good night now from the two Skippers.
Eddie and David.