Final Leg

Boundless 1
Richard Clennett
Sun 11 Sep 2011 20:17
23.00 S    165.03 E
Monday 12th -  we departed Noumea at midday sunday for Brisbane.
The weather continued to be cool and overcast for our stay in Noumea - with the odd shower, so we didn't head out of the marina for a few nights as planned. Instead we visited the Cultural Centre, enjoyed several meals in town and generally sorted ourselves for departure. The clearing out process on friday took several hours, although everyone was very pleasant.
We have had to apply for a license for our  fridge/freezer and
air conditioners which contain CFC gases . That alone took Graeme and Richard hours to sort out - just what gas and how much was in each unit. The license costs $400.00, the levy for the amount of gas 23 cents - I won't tell you what we think about that!
All the necessary information has finally been submitted to the Customs
Agent for importing the boat into Australia - log of the last four years, costs at the last port prior to departing for Brisbane etc etc.
Katherine left yesterday morning to return to Hobart.
The huge Low pressure system that has been influencing weather on the
Australian coast extended over New Caledonia on saturday night and caused a few problems in the marina! 
We have been motor sailing since departure. Big left over SW swell and not much wind. We are hoping for strengthening SE today.
Beer is rationed on this leg as unfortunately no grog is sold in New Caledonia between midday on friday and monday, which the boys were unaware of!
We're settling into the passage routine, it's good to have three on board again and enjoy six hours off instead of three. 
As much as we are looking forward to getting home, we are both finding it hard to believe this our last big passage on "Boundless".