Boundless 1
Richard Clennett
Sat 4 Jun 2011 16:49
We caught the ferry to Moorea to finally see Sues, Rob,Olivia and James -
a lovely day spent swimming and catching up. Olivia and James have (of
course!) grown since January when we last saw them and both were loving
swimming and snorkeling in the warm, clear water in the lagoon in front of
their bungalow. Kate and Dave arrived very early on friday morning and we
are looking forward to doing some exploring with them around Tahiti over
the weekend.
The engine problem has turned out to be bigger than expected and will take
some time to resolve. John had organised a head gasket and various parts
be overnight freighted to Hobart and Kate brought all of this with her! It
appears the actual head is warped and needs replacing. There is a
possibility this could be here at the end of next week, so we are trying
to be optimistic. Thursday was a public holiday and many people are taking
an extended break, so the work that was supposed to be done on the port
engine did not take place either!.
The new auto pilot that Rob brought over with him has now been installed
(the part required for repairing the old one not in stock).
We had hoped to be heading to Raiatea this weekend to meet up with Sues
and Rob when they pick up their charter catamaran but it looks like a hire
car may be the go instead. Maramu winds are forecast with high seas (and
it's raining this morning) - we did enquire about a boat trip out to the
world famous surf break at Teahupoo on the SW coast of Tahiti Iti, only to
be told that it would be "too dangerous on saturday and sunday due to big
wind and big waves"!
There are several other Australian boats in the marina and we are
sandwiched on the outer arm between a 58.5 and a 61.5 foot Privelege
catamaran - like the three bears! We have the bikes out and Dickie in
particular has been doing some pedaling about. I'm loving the french
supermarket with it's wonderfully stocked shelves and all the delicious
deli food - and the odd bit of retail therapy! We have been in and out of
Papeete and enjoyed several meals at the Roulottes on the waterfront and
have had a couple of dinners at the restaurants here at the marina - good
pizza last night with Kate and Dave.
We are hoping to have answers and dates for ongoing work on monday and
then to get out of the marina, before we all go stir crazy! More photos