One week out from Galapagos

Boundless 1
Richard Clennett
Tue 26 Apr 2011 21:24
07.01 S     106.18 W
Tuesday lunch time here & in 3 hours we complete 7 days at sea and enter second week. We have done about 1,100 miles and now 1,900 to go.
Just moved clocks back an hour and we are now UTC -7 hours.
Last couple of days have been overcast with odd rain squalls and high humidity. WInd has been more East than South East which means having to sail further south than we want......but otherwise all well! Boisterous at times last night and again as I write. Flying the gennaker with full main, Geoff and Richard alternately at the helm this morning, in their element with boat speeds of 10-17 knots!
Anzac day yesterday did not go unobserved and we toasted our servicemen & women appropriately.
Sacrificied our two best fish lures to mahi mahi last evening - part of the problem is boat speed around 9 knots and it is very difficult to slow the boat down when a strike occurrs. Most strikes are around dawn and sunset so the plan tonight if conditions are OK is to be short on sail around that time so that we can keep our speed down to around 5 knots.
Fruit and vegies struggling in the heat and humidity - will be into the canned versions soon! Eating less as we go west and settle into the boat routine however. Yogurt back on the breakfast menu, as able to "make" with Galapagan sweetened yogurt base and our staple - powdered milk! Ground Ecuadorian coffee was so bitter it was undrinkable, will try the Columbian next - it's all trial and error, It's amazing how adaptable we become!
Auto pilot giving us some concerns, but hoping we can nurse it to Tahiti at least!
So, that's it from us!