Boundless 1
Richard Clennett
Wed 6 Jul 2011 19:49
17.40 S    160.29 W
We had a much more comfortable night last night, less wind and only 1 metre
seas! We are currently sailing  at about 7 knots in 18 knots SE, with 160
miles to go to Palmerston, a very small attoll, part of  the Cook Islands,
where we plan to arrive tomorrow morning.
The island was settled by William McMasters (a Lancashireman)
in 1860, with his three Penrhyn Island (Cook Islands) wives. The
literature differs as to whether he fathered 17 or 26 children, and 56
grandchildren. William divided the island and reef into parts for
three families and established strict rules about intermarriage! His
families still live and control the island and others are scattered among
the other Cook Islands and New Zealand.
So, it sounds fascinating -  moorings have been laid, cruising boats are
"hosted" by one of the three families and they look after you during your
stay, take you ashore to spend a day with their family etc. As we approach we will make VHF contact and all will be revealed! Palmerston is only visited by a supply ship
every 3-5 months, so I'm sure we will find plenty on board that may be
useful to them.