FW: falmouth

Julie and Geoff
Fri 17 Sep 2010 13:21

Really loving Falmouth, had no idea there was so much around the waterfront area. We had great fish and chips (I had charcoal grilled fish and salad), very informal and not pricey at Rick Steins.
Moved boat today to the yacht visitors pontoons where you can walk ashore, so easier to prepare the boat for the off (again!!!)
Deflated the dinghy, so no more caught ropes, filled up with water, checked the nav lights are working and all the instruments, stowed more than we have ever stowed before, checked and re checked our course.
Yipeee the weather looks good for the next 2 days, after what seems like weeks of high winds and rough seas. With this in mind we have now decided to take real advantage of the weather window, particularly as they seem to be getting fewer and fewer! (and they are talking frosts in uk this weekend!!!) So in order to get further south, in one go, have enlisted the help of one of our skipper friends, he will be able to help with the night time watch keeping, (I wouldn't sleep a wink with Geoff at the helm at night, his eyesights not that good during the day!!!) give us some help with down wind sailing, (we seem to have only been beating into the wind all summer) and generally helping our overall confidence.
The idea is to leave Falmouth tomorrow afternoon and arrive in Camaret sur Mer on Saturday night, our first long trip.
Will give you and update from there, all being well!!!!!

Julie and Geoff