adventures of the helford

Julie and Geoff
Tue 14 Sep 2010 00:45

Still in the Helford River and the weather has really turned. Can’t see there will be another weather window until Thursday/Friday, but even then there is a low pressure developing in Biscay which might mean we are delayed further.


Have really been enjoying this area, had a lovely walk along the coast path on the southern side of the Helford and then bird watched on the river, where there were Oyster Catchers and some beautiful what I believe were Roseate Terns.


Had a productive day fitting lots of bits to the boat which we had been planning on doing for ages. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, lots of coat hooks (ones for wet weather gear in the showers), pictures, etc. etc. They were all loose in the boat so it will be relief not to have to stow them when we are preparing to go out to sea.


It’s now 1am and the wind has picked up to a force 6, Geoff is sleeping like a baby, but I like to keep a check on things. We are tied to a mooring buoy in the middle of the river, the boat isn’t too rolly at present as the wind and tide are together but that will all change at around 3.30am when the tide changes, so like to check how the boat will sit.


The internet access is sketchy to say the least here, phones not too bad, it is amazing how much you miss the internet when it’s not readily available.


Tomorrows missions include sorting out the tools and spares…….I’m looking forward to that!!!


Geoff had a beer free night tonight, so he is on a promise of pub food/beer tomorrow night………the week just gets better and better!


All for now,



Julie and Geoff



Julie and Geoff