Lazy Sunday (part 2) - Culinary challenges

Alistair Groom
Sun 9 Dec 2007 20:58

Another good day/night and 163 miles closer to home – 630-ish to go and ETA hopefully Thurs pm. Still no other boats in sight or radio range which is curious given how many are supposedly out here.


Week three brings new culinary challenges. We seem to have quite a lot of some things and not much of others. Any ideas on recipes for curry paste, loo paper and marmite? – suggestions on a post card etc… Clare is busy boiling up some old tea towels, so maybe, in the words of Baldrick, she has a cunning plan.


Just worked out that our individual living space on the boat is roughly half that enjoyed by those detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure – could account for why we got rather bored with hide and seek but have now discovered a new game called Rummysomething which is good fun except that it involves lots of little numbered tiles which tend to fly around the boat with every roll – still, passes the time.


The tumble dryer experience continues – roll on terra firma! We have also developed very strange table habits – continual rocking through a 40 degree arc, faces in bowls about 6 ins off the table and free hands welded to wine glasses  -  guess we may be a little embarrassing in public for a while or so. More rigging repairs carried out under the skilful guidance of Captain Chafe Mc Chafe aka Ali G (also today’s star baker) and our makeshift sail rig continues to propel us well towards destination.