Certainly no stroll in the P ARC

Alistair Groom
Wed 12 Dec 2007 18:54

About 140 miles to go as at time of writing – we can almost smell the land but the good old ARC is keeping us on our toes all the way. Some of our biggest seas of the trip encountered this am and a helluva lot of wind last night/early this am with max recorded gust 60 kts! Presently it seems to have disappeared almost completely but like big Arnie S. it will be back for sure.




Been poring over the Rodney bay restaurant guide which has got the juices going. Still supper tonight to plan – we thought we might have risotto for a change (by the way any takers for half a hundredweight of risotto going cheap – buyer to collect?).


Hopefully our penultimate blog – fingers crossed!


Over and out (for now)


Team Trelorna.