Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Alistair Groom
Sun 2 Dec 2007 19:32

Finally after a week at sea, this is what the ARC is all about – sun, no squalls, parasailor doing the business, books being started at last and for once eating our food off a level table (long may it last!).  A remarkably unremarkable day – no sails to fix and even the water maker is behaving.  Skipper however in his relentless search to eliminate:chafe now seems to be wrapping every guardrail and sheet in sight in bits of old yellow hosepipe.  Should be interesting when he next wants to fill his water tanks and finds he only has a two foot hose!    Saw the first yacht on the horizon since last Monday and chatted to them on the VHF.  Also now in flying fish territory and might even get the fishing lines out tomorrow.  Apparently yellow fin tuna are plentiful (according to our friends on Rock Oyster who have landed and eaten two – Nobu eat your heart out).  .