Day 10 - Tuesday - having a whale of a time!

Alistair Groom
Wed 5 Dec 2007 13:22

Today we saw a whale, or maybe some whales – difficult to tell – which was rather magical.  Not to say anything against dolphins, which are always magical too, but we’ve seen quite a lot of them and a whale is something different:




We are entering a more challenging stage on the culinary front as the fresh supplies dwindle – risotto, risotto and, just for a change, risotto here we come! We caught and lost a fish yesterday, no doubt a real whopper by the way it too our line, but are hoping for better luck today which could improve the options.  


We finally passed another ARC yacht (or did he pass us?!) – the first we had seen for a week. We spoke with him (a Finnish guy) early this am – he is on a catamaran and they blew out their spinnaker in the first hour of the start when we had the 40 kt gusts. Quite a few boats are reporting further damages – 3 with broken booms, 1 has blown out 2 spinnakers and one with broken shrouds, and one seems to be sinking,  so we are happy that we are still relatively intact.  Several boats (not in the ARC) which have been abandoned are floating around unlit which adds to the night-time navigational fun.


Today we saw the return of the mighty parasailor to operational duties.  We are timing our launch procedures and we are now down to 11 minutes, 10.5 minutes more than the rest of the racing fleet.   The racing demon who we beat over the start line is due to reach St Lucia tomorrow; we are hoping to reach the half-way line.    He obviously caught our start slipstream, but we seem to have missed his…


Watch this space!

Team Trelorna