Titania Day 13 update: 11 Cowes Weeks in 13 days

The Dobbs family and friends
Fri 7 Dec 2018 19:51
14:09 N
55:14 W
Distance to finish: 328 nm
As we close in on the last 350 miles to St Lucia it is about time to discuss some of the small breakages which we have encountered on the journey. The first thing to note about these problems is that they are largely wear and tear issues, and that the boat is very well stocked for either fixing or replacing parts wherever breakages begin to show. 
The other thing to note is the extent to which Titania has travelled without stopping - at a speed of roughly 9 knots. This has lead to sheets (ropes), which are at constant tension, wearing out over time, and a few small problems with the headsail (genoa). For a bit of perspective, Titania has been sailing now for the equivalent of 11 Cowes Weeks without stopping. This time period mixed in with the scale of the sails and mechanisms involved leads to the boat being under a huge amount of tension for 24 hours a day, so it is no surprise some areas have weakened such as the leach (edge) of the headsail and the spinnaker pole car track. However, overall breakage-wise we have not gotten anywhere near the same extent of damage the usual Cowes week Mermaid sailors manage in 1 week of sailing... let alone 11.
Today's photos: Freddie adding his own wear and tear to the damaged genoa sheet; Todd up the forestay putting a repair patch on the frayed headsail leach