Wet day in paradise!

Mon 3 Apr 2017 20:33
It has been like reliving my youth in Bombay during the monsoon season in Jolly Harbour today. We have had very strong downpours for most of the day so work on the rigging and anti fouling has been slow if not impossible!
That said Ted has set up the Aries self steering gear which will be vital to David and Eddys trip back to Uk in a months time. He has also got all the blocks, lazy jacks, halyards and topping lift ready to fit on the mizzen and he mizzen boom has been refitted to the mast. David has managed to put the first coat of light blue anti fouling onto half the hull before the tropical rain squall came to stay.
Weather forecast is cloudy and wet again tomorrow before the sun returns on Wednesday.
Ted & David

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