17 04.069N 061 53.056W Jolly Harbour Antigua

Sun 26 Mar 2017 20:48
David arrived in Antigua last Tuesday and he has started the work programme to get Celtic Dawn ready for the trip back to UK in early May. The weather here has been very hot, humid and windy with 5 days of NEly winds gusting to gale force at times - not what if required from the return sail back across the Atlantic!
The marina here is almost full and a further 40 boats are anchored out in the harbour entrance. But within the boatyard there are only two boats with crew onboard, which means I've got the cold showers to myself when the water has not been turned off.
Currently I'm stripping off the old anti fouling to prepare for two new coats which at the prices charged here for anti fouling is like liquid gold!
Sunday 25 March 2017

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