More Photos

Mon 23 Nov 2015 17:57

Final approach into Santa Cruz de la Palma. The sun on the top of the mountains was an amazing sight

Locals relaxing outside the market place in Santa Cruz

Shot of the market.  Nice but I still had the impression it was just set up for the passengers from the cruise liners

One of the main streets in Santa Cruz

A shot of the open air market.  This is where the old man sat rolling his Havana cigars to sell

Another shot of the main street and one of the squares

I saw this beautiful staircase and took this picture.  It could well be a shot in one of the Livery Halls in London

This was a gallery I popped into but it had a lovely balcony.  I think it was some local government building.

The north east coast of La Gomera.

Another shot.  San Sebastian was another 5nm around the point.