Moon Song
Laura & Alan Grayson
Tue 26 Feb 2008 00:53
Copenhagen Airport is one of the nicest airports that we have been to. It is very new and very clean. It is also one of the few that you go thru duty free on your way out of the airport, so we had a quick look at some of the prices to do a bit of comparison shopping. My mate Lee back in NZ wants some 'Lego" for his son and since this is the home of "Lego" we thought we should check it all out. They had a nice little shop in the airport which was quite nice with a bunch to choose from. Once again we chose to ride the subway to the hotel which proved to be the good option once again as the station was just 100 yards from the hotel. It did take us a while to sort which train to take as none of it was in English, luckily English is a second language to 90 % of the people and with a few well placed questions and a couple of " I am soo lost looks" we managed to get on and off at the right places first time. We arrived at the hotel just before dark and by the time we checked in and mucked around it was dark and bloody freezing but despite this us seasoned explorers braved the terrifying conditions and went for a walk. One block later we were tucked up in a resturaunt trying to warm our butt cheeks. An hour or so later after a nice dinner, a bottle of wine and a visual feast of the local lovelies we decided to brave the cold once more and took the long way home, managed to do 2 blocks in the other direction before crossing the road and heading back to the hotel. This place is cold.
The next day had a good walk thru the city. Came across an ice rink out side in the town square and it was busy with all ages particapating, my butt was aching just watching them. We chose not to particapte in this crazy pastime and walked on but not before noticing a slick bald dude driving around in his convertable beamer with the top down what a tosser!!!  Just off the square a canal was filled with old traditional fishing boats most of which were now converted to tour boats but they all looked pretty cool in fact one small one looked so like " Moon Song" that we felt right at home.  I guess it is true that our boat is based on boats from this region. I don't believe that we will visit up here as our little heater won't cope very well. Must have to be a roughty toughty to deal with these conditions and that definitly ain't us anymore.
Walked on past the royal palaces of the Danish Royalty with their guards out front. Much more accesable than Buckingham Palace but with more guards and these guys weren't only there for ceromony either that or they were allowed to move around to keep warm, they looked pretty alert and as we found out later their little popguns (automatic rifles) were loaded with things that hurt you. As we were walking around later we came upon their barracks and from a distance we saw them finishing off from the changing of the guard ( Also a good show) and we saw them clearing the rifles and handing over the magazines. All very familiar stuff to an ex military fool. The palaces looked real nice but not as big as some we had just seen, it actually sort of fits in with the place as a whole not as ostentasious as the bloody Poms. My guess is the Danes haven't robbed as many countries. We walked on and found the Kastelet which is an old earthen fort which is still in use by the military but we were allowed to walk around the earthen walls and in fact a lot of people were out and about even a bunch of runners, and it was out of the wind which was quite nice, they even had an old style wind mill which was very cool. At this stage it was time to warm up so off to a cafe for a hot coffee and a bit of food. Nice little cafes here warm and very friendly. Now i do have to slip in that the danish women are absolutly spectacular and I'm not sure where all the men were but the women outnumbered the men by a lot, for some reason Laura never let go of my hand, I'm sure it was just a case of cold hands.
I think i will leave with great memories... Hot women ,  cold weather ,  wet boats ,  ice rinks and hot toddies.