Madrid 1st Day

Moon Song
Laura & Alan Grayson
Fri 1 Feb 2008 21:25
Travel day from Barcelona, Venezuela... 1st drama - forgetting about our friend president Chavez's time change, we arrived at the airport way early (Chavez has decided to change the time in Venezuela for the first time in history)  The best reason we've heard so far is he was told by his fortune teller something bad would happen to him on the hour... so in his wisdom changed it BACK by 30 minutes)  Then in Caracas, sat in the plane at the gate for 3 hours.  Arrived Madrid, Spain - Laura's reaction was "wow! culture!  What a spectacular city!  6 million people.  The subway is very easy  to get around, and only 2 euros each from the airport to downtown.  We decided to forego the afternoon siesta and walked in a large park and checked out the downtown area with an 8 lane round-a-bout & lots of fountains.   Then tonight after dinner walked around downtown for some pictures.  Very old city and spectacularly lit up at night.  On the way to dinner we ran into a bunch of poms dressed up as a bunch of clowns out on a stag night. This received lots of looks and laughs from the locals.  Then, a spanish speaking man asked Baz for directions... he was able to understand him AND give him the correct directions... all after being in the city a whole 6 hours. Ha!  Christopher Columbus, that famous navigator - eat your heart out!  We're off on a walking tour tomorrow.  Am looking forward to seeing a cathedral built in 1622.