Menu planning for the ARC 2020

Marina Passet
Wed 13 Mar 2019 13:58

Life on board can get pretty monotonous. It therefore becomes the more important to offer the crew a balanced and interesting cuisine. A freshly baked bread, a dessert, passing a plate with freshly cut fruits, and prepared bite-sized, not only brings a good ambience but also a highlight every time. If the weather is good and stable or if there is a calm evening, then there is movie time!

I think that the crew can have a beer or a glass of wine with the main meal or an aperitif, the helmsman/woman is of course excluded.

The menus listed by me give a clue what to buy. Of course, these can also be changed, because during the daily control of vegetables and fruits, it will also become clear whether one can cook the predefined menu or has to change it, create an other menu.

To be tighted in a small sailing boat it is important to have certain rules. 

- Peeing overboard (men!) strictly forbidden
- The life jacket is - as soon as you're in the cockpit -
- Falling overboard is strictly forbidden.
- during calm periods you don't swim in the Atlantic (if you fish from the boat, you will sooner or later notice that sometimes only the head of the fish is still on the hook - where is the rest?)
- water: never let run the water, switch only on if you need water
- don't use power for nothing


See the Menu planning in the annex


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