November 2019 – About insurances, Part 2

Marina Passet
Wed 20 Nov 2019 17:10

In the meantime, I have also received the report from eta glob. I have had to ask several times about my inquiry and I think I can say today, that those Brookers have been holding me back rather than acting.

Here is the result of my research, which will certainly not be complete, but we don't want to do the doctorate either!

Accident insurance Switzerland

Since I will continue to be registered with my home address in the municipality during my world around journey in Switzerland, an obligatory accident insurance is necessary.

I have cancelled my accident insurance with AXA. At the moment I am still insured until the end of February 2020 because I accepted a job with a real estate company at short notice. From 1.3.2020, accident insurance will be included in my Atupri health insurance scheme. The costs for this additional insurance amount will be between CHF 15.00 and CHF 20.00 per month. That is almost 70% cheaper than I was insured with AXA before.

Health insurance

The current Atupri health insurance scheme will be retained. This costs me around CHF 3’880.00 per year. I am generally insured here, but I have free choice of doctor and hospital. An annual franchise of 2'500.00 is included. My enquiry as to whether the health insurance fund is also valid in my absence and especially in Australia was answered in the affirmative. An annual confirmation in English confirming that I am insured.

Car insurance

The car will not be needed during my stay abroad and will therefore be sold in 2020. It makes no sense to keep the car for this time. The car insurance can therefore be cancelled. Any overpaid insurance will be refunded.


The car will be sold in April/Mai 2020, report to the insurance company, for the refund of the unused months (the insurance is paid annually).

Yacht insurances

Eta-glob was not successful. I had to ask many times, if they have now the estimate or not. So the last answer was:


“Sorry to keep you waiting so long. We have started several inquiries regarding your yacht insurance: Many do not even offer yacht insurance (anymore). The 3 most important in the feedback:

At Lloyd's I don't get a contract for a sailing trip overseas "worldwide cover".

We don't represent Murette.

Pantaenius: The clients are already insured and I recommend to continue this contract."


 I am extremely sorry not to be able to offer you a solution.”

Very disappointing, especially as it is pointed out that they cooperate with the "biggest" insurance companies. I rather have the feeling that I am not interesting enough.

My decision will be Murette.


It took its while, but the offer is very clear to read. Not too much questions as in the conditions of Pantaenius. It includes everything in it. Very clearly formulated and it is presented in a transparent manner. Everything is included.