Day 6

Sat 29 Nov 2008 13:07
Hi again

Another day in the middle of the deep blue sea ! All quiet on the western
front - we have now turned right just after the Verde's and are heading
after many days across the Atlantic to St Lucia.
Winds are light and whilst we are making progress it is slow.
We have not seen another boat nor much in the way of life in general for
almost 3 days now. A beautiful grey and pink Dolphin visited this morning
for a few minutes decided we were far y=too uninteresting and disappeared
We saw the Verdes yesterday from about 20 miles and Scott did suggest
popping in for a quick pint however we pressed on - Stephen voted for the
cold beer !
There are quite literally millions of flying fish we have for the past two
mornings found a couple on the boat at sun-up having committed harry carry !
Boy do they stink !!!

Anyway an uneventful day so no photos - perhaps tomorrow.