Long Beach Tropical Storm, and Good News!

One Point Zero
Howard Fairbank
Sun 28 Aug 2016 15:01


ANL Bindaree's position today:     33:42.54N 118:12.90W



'From the Bridge'



                Entering Long Beach harbour. Tight chanel and low bridge!!


Well I feel like a bit of a ‘traitor’:  There is no ‘Bridge’ where I am as I’m not on the ship..!  I’m not AWOL though, they are loading / unloading containers and there was a big safety audit planned, and I wanted to solve my ‘No Pics for the blog’ Inconvenient ‘Truth’ of yesterday. So we agreed that I can go ashore!! 


Aaah, there we go it wasn’t a ‘Truth’ as I have solved the problem, thanks to my sister Ros, just down the road in San Diego! If we didn’t have family hey!


I love following our voyage with my sailing software package, and today with access to good internet I downloaded the weather file for the next sixteen days when we will be at sea. Well, well well, there was some interesting news:



A tropical storm is in the not too far off vicinity:  In fact it has ‘Hurricane’ status so that means winds up to 100 mph! It’s called Lester’ and its currently about 1000 miles south west of Los Angeles.  It does cross our planned course (the red line on the pic) but I’m sure we will keep far away…. We will find out, and how it affects the state of the sea



Well the ‘Spot the Difference’ answer from yesterday’s picture is that I have a forward facing cabin for this voyage, vs Cap Capricorn where I was looking astern. Big deal..??  Well I used to love having ‘the porthole’ open, for fresh air, but now I’ll have a strong wind every day wanting to ‘get into my porthole’ as the headwind created by the ship will often be the main wind component. We will make a plan! Life is all about managing change hey!


I’ll be back on board in an hour or so, and the plan is that he depart at 17h00 today. (Sunday, Pacific Standard Time)


Fantastic One Point Zero News or Not?


I found out that the Swiss, or some of the Swiss are taking One Point Zero very seriously and the country will be holding a national citizen referendum on whether to include a One Point Zero goal in the country’s constitution, / vision for the future!!  This is amazing news and a world first. Check it out here.


I’ll be using this news and the thoughts and concepts behind it as we journey across the Pacific together, so please try and read the article and internalise what this would mean if this was your country’s referendum and your voting chance?

This is a world first, and it does show that One Point Zero is not just ‘out there idealism’, but that the new fashion maybe not too far off the horizon.


What I love about this initiative is that it is asking the people whether they want to embark on crossing The Chasm as a Nation. 

As you will read, it’s far from a done deal, but big things start small like this. Well this ain’t so small if it has reached Referendum interest, however resistance will be interesting to watch… (Read the Global Footprint Network's view on the Referendum here.


This Swiss initiative has interesting comparative with the current USA election debacle, and rather than personal mudslinging and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on two unpopular ‘rock stars’ the Swiss don’t work on the ‘President is a celebrity’ model, and just get on with the important stuff, and engage the people on the decisions. I’ll be talking more about this and a vision for a ‘celebrity free’, new world as my head frees up on the big blue ocean awaiting!


         Head Office's like this one in Oakland wouldn't be needed!!

On a personal point, this One Point Zero Referendum news is so inspiring and helps me stay fired up on ‘my little mission’…!  I see there is hope, and there are lots of people organisations pushing for what is the only path of moral and ethical ‘correctness’  for Humanity…


Lots of fun blogs ahead, and that’s even without Hurricane Lester adding any ‘twists’…..



Have to run now…