Dreams of Antarctica stirred with Brexit?

One Point Zero
Howard Fairbank
Sat 25 Jun 2016 15:46

16:17.153N 133:31.130W



The Now

Every day is different out here, just like you guys back there, even though you may not think so! You’re spared a picture from ‘The Porthole’ today!

To be honest I haven’t ‘worked’ as hard as this for a number of years! But the whole environment is ‘perfect’ for what I’m doing!  Quite strange, but that’s the way it feels in this supposed prison!

Today knowing ‘That bridge’ below is 1790 nm (3300km) and just five days off even caused a bit of angst within: Do I really want to get there and off the ship and all its routine freedom, maybe a few more days would be good!!

Golden Gate bridge awaits

Golden Gate bridge awaits

We have just passed the closest we will be to Hawaii. The group of islands are some 1200nm directly north west of us. We are currently at 11 degrees North and they sit at 19 degrees N, and San Francisco is way up there at 37 degrees N.  We have moved the clock forward twice, an hour each since my last ‘Now’ post. We are now working on Alaska time zone, having passed Anchorage’s 148 W longitude line half a day ago.

That 'Big Island' volcano loom just too far away to see

That 'Big Island' volcano loom just too far away to see

Three degrees into the northern hemisphere with me still patiently waiting for Neptune or ‘his Mermaid Fiona’, the weather changed and we had no wind, oppressive heat, grey cloud and on off rain. The Doldrums became a reality. Not very wide, after about 10 hours we were in clearer sky and for the first time a tail wind.

This is all how our amazing planet works hey. It really is all bloody amazing to just see ….Read it all here