Have America's Elite created a 'Horror Life' for 'The Crowd' ?

One Point Zero
Howard Fairbank
Tue 23 Aug 2016 19:54

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Grab a cuppa coffee! A customised Portland 'flat white' with its stand out red tinge! We all know in america plain is boring, its all about differentiation hey!

Grab a cuppa coffee, you may need it for this one!


"…………..In this article, by a highly respected, intelligent, and clearly loyal, New York Times journalist, he points to a ‘Success’ which I see is at the very core of the World, and USA problems today:

It’s a ‘success’ that is founded on ruthless competition, domination by brute force and numbers; An almost exclusive rational orientation, void of any spiritual context, locked onto a co-dependant,  economic and consumerism, success; A focus on the conquest of being Number One on all its many conquest ‘medal’ seeking fronts. ……….. Read the whole Post here