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Just a Human Belonging to The Planet

Mankind’s Greatest Challenge: To find A Good Life within our ONE Planet’s Means


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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Sep 2016
Tue 13 Sep 22:47 Arrived in Auckland: It ALL continues on one-point-zero.com 36:50.50S 174:47.00E
Sun 11 Sep 03:46 Auckland Ahoy! Nature, Power and Domination at Sea! 30:59.50S 179:33.40E
Sat 10 Sep 05:11 Storms, Violence, Volcanoes and The Captain! 26:25.90S 175:08.40W
Fri 09 Sep 04:06 Sunset in the East! A Whole Range of Entertainment Today! 22:05.60S 168:46.60W
Wed 07 Sep 04:10 The Doldrums: Let’s Spend Money to Lift the Spirits! 11:24.90S 158:58.40W
Tue 06 Sep 02:33 The Equator: Reflections on ‘Equality’ 0:56.10S 148:36.40W
Fri 02 Sep 23:53 The United Nations, Focus, and the One Point Zero Solution!! 9:44.10N 139:11.40W
Thu 01 Sep 23:52 We are ‘Flying’ across The Pacific! 14:41.70N 134:34.70W
Thu 01 Sep 03:21 Hurricanes Evil? You Anthropocentric? Explore YOUR ‘Environmental Identity’ here… 20:08.20N 129:23.90W
Aug 2016
Wed 31 Aug 05:42 Switzerland and Cambodia: Unlikely Peers!! 25:37.20N 123:58.90W
Mon 29 Aug 23:30 Referendum: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’? From The Pacific there is ‘No debate’!!!! 30:31.00N 118:55.30W
Sun 28 Aug 15:01 Long Beach Tropical Storm, and Good News! 33:42.54N 118:12.90W
Sat 27 Aug 19:04 From Long Beach with Pics: Back at Sea, Owner's Cabin & 'Inconvenient Truths'!! 36:58.50N 122:50.40W
Wed 24 Aug 15:17 It's 'first days' on Ship! So a little between 'cup and lip'...!
Tue 23 Aug 19:54 Have America's Elite created a 'Horror Life' for 'The Crowd' ? 37:48.16N 122:16.15W
Fri 19 Aug 17:27 Portland, The Green Party, and Fun in the Dwang...! 45:31.12N 122:40.55W
Wed 17 Aug 17:22 The City of Spokane: Surprise Inspiration and Hope! 47:39.32N 117:25.30W
Wed 10 Aug 17:20 Who deserves to visit Nature's Special Wilderness? 48:30.00N 113:58.43W
Tue 09 Aug 17:15 'The Crowd' Shock of Glacier National Park changes my Plan 48:26.38N 113:13.18W
Sun 07 Aug 17:13 Smoking can help us get to One Point Zero.....! 44:59.00N 93:16.00W
Sat 06 Aug 17:09 August 8: Earth Overshoot Day 44:51.31N 92:37.00W
Thu 04 Aug 17:05 Nature's Grand Adventure delivers 14 Days of Intensity 48:10.00N 91:62.00W
Jul 2016
Fri 22 Jul 17:02 Off to The Boundary Waters: 47:45.14N 90:20.70W
Thu 21 Jul 16:59 Chicago to My Friend Imi.. 44:51.31N 92:37.30W
Wed 20 Jul 16:54 Amtrak delivers a wonderful experience.: 41:51.00N 87:39.00W
Tue 19 Jul 16:41 The Lonely Road. Inspiration and Credit from a Blind Man! 35:06.39N 106:36.36W
Sun 17 Jul 16:36 Cowboys, Tombstones, Truth and Consequences 31:42.54N 110:03.53W
Thu 14 Jul 16:30 Early Stock Take: Shocking America
Mon 11 Jul 16:27 San Diego: Wimbledon, Competition, and One Point Zero 32:42.30N 117:10.60W
Sun 10 Jul 16:24 San Diego: Hamburgers, Gentlemen Clubs, and 'In 'n Outs' 32:42.30N 117:10.60W
Mon 04 Jul 16:22 4th July 2016 Independence Day: 'Brexit' 230 Years Ago ! 32:42.30N 117:10.60W
Sun 03 Jul 16:16 Pedalling Against the Traffic! The Adventure gets Serious! 33:15.04N 117:22.93W
Sat 02 Jul 10:50 (no subject) 33:35.92N 118:20.38W
Sat 02 Jul 08:50 (no subject) 34:21.47N 120:53.03W
Sat 02 Jul 08:08 (no subject) 36:57.29N 122:47.45W
Fri 01 Jul 10:27 San Francisco and so much More! You can't Miss this One! 37:46.73N 122:34.40W
Jun 2016
Wed 29 Jun 15:58 Over the Tropic, Preparing for 'Land' 33:38.04N 122:30.33W
Wed 29 Jun 10:39 Shams and Primitive, Threatened Spirits! 32:38.05N 125:25.95W
Tue 28 Jun 15:55 A Cruise Ship Passenger's Perspective! 33:38.04N 125:25.93W
Mon 27 Jun 15:50 New Perspectives, Whales, Flying Fish, and Breakfast in Papeete 21:37.58N 131:25.23W
Sat 25 Jun 15:46 Dreams of Antarctica stirred with Brexit? 16:17.15N 133:31.13W
Fri 24 Jun 15:41 The 'Spot the Difference' is ...? 11:11.43N 139:19.63W
Thu 23 Jun 15:36 "How I deal with 'The Crowd' Truths?" By Jean Paul, of Papeete 5:34.24N 139:19.13W
Wed 22 Jun 15:31 Neptune BBQ, Lifeboat and The Big Ticket 0:36.74S 141:19.53W
Mon 20 Jun 15:27 Hello and Goodbye Tahiti! This Incredible Pacific Show Must Go On! 9:45.74S 145:55.93W
Sat 18 Jun 15:23 Gaining Momentum: Tahiti, Flying, and Fun! 17:19.73S 149:33.90W
Fri 17 Jun 10:31 Challenging You, Me and Myself!! 21:27.34S 153:52.65W
Wed 15 Jun 15:05 Mountains, Trade Winds, Ship Life and The Facts! 29:01.34S 166:02.27W
Mon 13 Jun 14:57 A Stolen last Terra firma Post! Lots of pics and more....! 37:36.84S 176:10.33E
Sun 12 Jun 09:13 Time waits for nobody hey! 37:36.84S 176:10.33E