Sunset in the East! A Whole Range of Entertainment Today!

One Point Zero
Howard Fairbank
Fri 9 Sep 2016 04:06

ANL Bindaree's position today:     22:05.60S 168:46.60W
'From a Different Bridge!'

                 Inline image                            Inline image
                                   Before the clouds and rain came.                                      Skyscrapers in The Pacific. The Central Plaza, ANL Bindaree!

Today’s ‘From the Bridge’ is from an emotionally charged Howard, so it combines Bridge Talk with One Point Zero Passion and Feelings talk!! Enjoy!

We should cross the International Date line around 10pm tonight, so other than me stepping a day into the future, today’s sunset is the last time I see the sun set in the east, and tomorrow morning the first time I see the sun rise in the west!  And ‘you’ thought the sun set in the west and rose in the east, hey?  Is this all true?  Maybe not, think about it, and the not so obvious answer will be in the next blog!  Don’t think it’s that easy OK!
After two or three glorious days, today is overcast, and patchy rain all around us.  The Tropic of Capricorn is just 100 miles ahead.  It’s still warm and hard to believe that in less than three days I’ll be in a much cooler New Zealand.  Then a few days later, on my bus, bicycle and ferry trip to Nelson on the South Island, and it will get even colder with lots of snow on the mountains I hear. 

Just that 23 degree earth axis, our spherical (almost!) earth and its orbit around the sun makes all this variety our reality!  And there is so much more…..

Look at this enormous band of Sahara desert dividing Africa. 

                     Inline image
             Imagine bicycling across that……???

The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world, but capping it all is THE largest desert on this planet, and the coldest one too….. Antarctica is just 3000 miles below (south) me now, and it can get to minus 60 degrees there.  That's just over half this trip from Long Beach and I’d be there in real coldness, and 24 hour darkness if I was at The Pole!  The ‘other Pole’ is still ‘enjoying’ its 24 hours of Day light!  I hope you feel this huge temperature range and yet it all keeps working and staying in some form of life supporting control.  

                                                                                  Inline image
                                                                     That red line is the only part of The Big Desert I have seen!! 

Who manages it all??  Could ‘you’ possible believe there is a wonderful System called Nature???  Could the anthropocentrics, the capitalists, the western ideals, the elite, possibly contemplate that this isn’t all ‘just for us Humans to enjoy’?  Or worse still....... to just use its support systems and take at will its prized pieces? 

Could they even consider that there is ‘a scheme’ behind all this majestic complexity?  One whose understanding is beyond human rational capability?  Maybe not? 

Many would say that admitting that is not being human…!  I say not using the Human spiritual capability and accepting that as a truth is not being Fully Human! 

For me:  To be Fully Human is to use all our specific Human capabilities.  Just like for example, lions do in fully using their lion given capabilities and thus being ‘Fully Lion’.  This applies to all Nature’s creatures.  Lions, don’t just use one (some) of their amazing capabilities, and for some ‘off Nature’, spurious, self-serving goal, shut off the rest?  They use them ALL, and have to keep them all ‘intense’ because that is what ‘being a lion’ is about.  If they didn’t, they would not be able to live a flourishing existence within Nature!  I have never seen an overweight, depressed, unhappy, greedy creature of Nature, other than Humans!  

Life is about Intensity man, living our FULL capability intensely and within Nature’s Law!  Put simply, this is the One Point Zero condition!   Other than ‘that condition’ we can be as free as a Western capitalist!  Oopsie: “Will there be any Western Capitalists, under that condition??” 

Phew… that was good!  Hope you enjoyed it??  The guys on the Bridge did!!

A Visitor Creates Confusion and Mystery

                                                                                                   Inline image

Well two days ago, on my deck walkabout I came across this little fella (or ‘fella-ress’)  A lone tern, lying on the protected deck seemingly resting, but as I moved closer it didn’t move much and I sensed it must be hurt, maybe having collided with the ship?  I took him as ‘mine’ and tried to feed it, and establish whether it was hurt.  Its wings seemed OK, but it just couldn’t get up properly to try to walk and fly.  Legs were OK, so I was a bit puzzled.  It couldn’t just be tired hey?  I decided to give it a day to see… Next morning it was still there, hadn’t eaten, and didn’t look as if the night’s rest had helped. 

Checking its wings I took it up to the ‘better’ take off deck where the wind was better for liftoff…!  Letting it go, its wings seemed to be functioning properly but it fell over trying to start flying.  Hmm, I was puzzled and took it back to the protected spot, wondering whether I should be the dominator, saviour of suffering, or Mother Nature imposter for the day??  I even went to the galley and asked Adonis for his biggest sharpest knife!! This was all pretty traumatic, because I wrongly tried to think like a ‘human bird’, and then realizing that switch to being a celestial God!  I freed myself of my torment in deciding that it still seemed to have ‘a chance’ and to let Nature take its course.  Well, by the afternoon it was gone, nowhere to be seen! I asked around but nobody could solve the mystery. 

This morning at our regular 5am bridge meeting, Chief Officer Comin said he saw ‘that bird’ circling the ship late yesterday afternoon… After he said he ‘saw an eagle’ two days ago.  I’m not sure I trust his bird identification skills!  Nobody else had any clues….

I was ‘sort of happy’, but still not 100% sure that it did make it, but I know ‘we’ did the right thing…!  I did wonder what ‘A Capitalist’ would have done?  Maybe if he (more capitalists are ‘he’s’ right??) couldn’t see how to money out of it, I sense they would have pretended it wasn’t on board!   What would ‘A Colonialist’ have done?  Caged it up to use as a subservient pet!  What would ‘A Christian’ do?  An Islamic?  A Hindu?  A Buddhist? A Pantheist?  An Atheist?  Ha-ha, if only we were single ideology people hey?  Just a bit of serious fun!!  

It’s all about how we relate to our team mates, the other creatures of Nature?  “You say team mates? Certainly NOT! I’m in no team, Mate.  I am The Team and it's just ME who counts, no birds on my back!!  

It all depends on your unique Environmental Identity hey! (See that blog titled: “Hurricanes Evil?  You Anthropocentric?  Explore YOUR ‘Environmental Identity’ here…”) 

Over the years I have had a few very special visits from birds at sea… There is something so special with a solo ocean bird, and a solo sailor, meeting on the big open ocean….. Kindred spirits or not???  One thing ‘we’ are both doing is living intensely our full creature-ness, both immersed deeply in Nature’s Grand adventure: Submissively at the mercy and awe of ‘a phenomena’ that is much bigger than ‘us’ - two mere creatures! Therein we find our Power!  

That was a long Bridge Chat hey!  

There is Water at the Tip of the One Point Six Iceberg!!!

Yeah this Iceberg does have Water (Not ice?) at its top! 

                                                   Inline image
                                                                          Zimbabwe: We ‘dug and drank’ just nearby!

I’m an African and I pride myself on being able to drink ‘any’ water and continue a flourishing existence!  Many of my ‘fellow Africans’ have even better natural capability: They follow the elephants, and find water to drink next to them in the wild!  No bottles, no brands, no delivery costs, no quality warranty, and nothing to dispose.  Best of all it’s free… Well maybe soon to be conditional on one not being ‘a Taker from Nature’!

                                                                                                   Inline image

Well miles away from Africa, in the ‘developed world’ I found many stores stocked with many bottles of water for sale?  And lo and behold, they are taking up lots of ‘valuable’ shelf space and there are many different ‘brands’ to choose from?  Must be a lot of profit at stake? 

‘Branded’ water that sounds crazy, man?  What is ‘a brand’ Sir?”  Well a brand is a ‘thing’ that takes a ‘no-thing’ and makes it into a hugely different ‘some-thing’ and all in your mind.  A ‘some-thing’ that your mind converts into something you ‘Now want’, ‘Prefer over ‘some-thing else’, or even worse: ‘Must have’. 

       Inline image
 That’s all bottled water being loaded onto a cruise ship!  

Here on ANL Bindaree, I have only drank free ‘seawater’ that is sourced from right outside my window!!  (I’m also supposed to drink bottled water on ship!)  The cruise ships companies can make a lot of money from that water, as the passengers are ‘drinking water prisoners’ and get told they must drink bottled water.  This all as the cruise ship sets off to start its circuit of planet destruction.   How many airports around the world don’t put in ‘tap water’ fountains, just so ‘we’ have to buy bottled water?  Its criminal, but not just stealing from us, but worse….:  

Yeah, we all know ‘the story’, but do we know how simple water and our brainwashing by branding within The System has made us Western consumers, serious accomplices in a huge pervasive Chasm widening ‘crime’! 

Mike Berners Lee, in his book ‘How Bad are Bananas?’ points out that the world consumes 200 billion litres of bottled water per annum, and that’s 80 million tonnes of greenhouse gases, or almost 0.2% of all global emissions.  Not a huge % but it’s a % that shouldn’t even be there!  One Point Zero will require us to get rid of each and all these contributors.  It’s there because ‘The Capitalists’ have no interest in ‘IT’, (The Chasm) their selfish wants come first.  

Yeah we won’t save ‘IT’ through just stopping bottled water, but in pointing this out, I’m hoping that you can see how we are all accomplices in a crimes against Nature that we didn’t know about and which has a product we don’t actually need.  This applies to so many of our day to day ‘have to have’’, ‘must have’, and the so called ‘convenience items’ we are cleverly made to think we must buy!  We then become partners in the Capitalists’ ‘crimes’ against Nature!  

Bottled Water is just such an easy thing to stop….. We can do it Today!

Over the years, often having to go very short on water, I have developed quite a camel constitution, but it just astounds me how all the media is pushing over hydration, and even endurance sports are now questioning the benefit / need for vast quantities of water.  I listen to my body's call, and respond in sync, rather than work on a text book rule, or worse a bottled water company’s ‘recommended minimum’! 

Finally Niue Island is Harley Davidson County!

As we ‘fly’ by past Nuie Island, 70 miles off our starboard beam I’m fondly reminded of my visit on Allone in 2014.

Still needing New Zealand’s parental bond, it’s a very small island, quite unique in being a flat pancake like rock, almost circular with a 11 mile diameter.  It has very steep rock cliffs almost all the way around it that make access to the sea for most of the coastline a challenge.  In many places these cliffs have been carved into impressive caves and tunnels by the restless pounding Pacific Ocean.  The population must be less than 1000 and is an example of One Point six and ever increasing Western ideology beginning its ‘swamping move’ on a very simple, Nature culture.  Here are the contrasts, and as you can see the American, Good Life Dream, is well understood!

                    Inline image                        Inline image
                 An amazing 90 year old woman still ‘working her life’.   
                 Conspicuous consumption. Least ‘he’ can’t travel far!
                 She couldn’t speak English but we did communicate!

                                                                Inline image
                                                                    Spot the Graffiti art hey? So natural yet unnatural!!!