Rapid Progress! 37:58.99N 38:37.17W

The Return of Irene III - 2018
Louis Goor
Thu 31 May 2018 19:12

12noon 31st May 2018

Rapid Progress

After the lengthy epistle from St. Johnny the Divine, this will be kept
short. For the past two sails we have been 'enjoying' winds varying from
strong to strong gale from the southwest propelling us along our easterly
course at great speed at times surfing down waves at over eleven knots. The
result is that now after nine days at sea, we are 620 nautical miles and
roughly four days from our destination in the Azores.

The purpose of a 'preventer' on a b oat is to prevent crash gybes which can
be harmful to the boat and to life and limb. On board this yacht, the
'preventer' has been renamed 'the steadier' as it is designed to steady the
boom while on a run. It does not prevent a crash gybe with the result that
the stock of sacrificial blocks has now been exhausted and thankfully there
has no damage to yacht or crew.

We have now travelled over 26degrees east yet the ships clock remains on
Bermuda time. This avoids confusion and permits the crew to use their
phones as alarm clocks without adjustment. When we make landfall in the
Azores, the ships clock will change to reflect local time.

With rapid speeds come some discomfort in the galley yet Tony continues to
perform miracles producing food that lifts the spirits. All remain fit and