The Flying Skipper! 35:39.75N 60:14.01W

The Return of Irene III - 2018
Louis Goor
Fri 25 May 2018 18:23
12.30pm Thursday 24th May 2018

The Flying Skipper!

We are now some 300 nautical miles from Bermuda and sailing eastward at 7
knots. Progress has been steady over the past 24 hours as the crew have
settled into the watch routine and the daily list of chores. Sleeping has
been difficult for some of us due to the following winds and the choppy sea
state. Overnight we have observed the clouds building.

After a delicious dinner of beef stew and boiled potatoes, we settled down
for the night. At 5am this morning a rain squall accompanied by a rapid wind
shift caused an accidental gybe (not jibe!). This in turn caused the
skipper to be catapulted out of his bunk landing head-first on a bedside
locker. It was a pity nobody was present to video this inaugural flight
aboard this fine vessel. We are pleased to report that the skipper suffered
only from minor bruising and a little shock from the fact that his
cabin-mate slept through the entire incident. Tony's motion sickness is
nearly gone as he continues to slave away in the galley conjuring up his
magic. We have been running a very 'dry' boat since leaving Bermuda with a
total of just one beer consumed! Will it continue>? Let's wait and see!