Philip Quinn RIP - Friend and Colleague at JLGoor

The Return of Irene III - 2018
Louis Goor
Thu 7 Dec 2017 21:49
Thursday 7 December 2017 - 29:22.65N 33:49.29W

I received a satellite call this morning, telling me the shocking news of
the sudden and untimely death of Philip Quinn, our Service & Installation
Manager at JLGoor.

Philip (47) was working in Sligo yesterday when he suffered a heart attack
and died. His death is a hammer blow to his wife Louise and their young
daughter Maisey and also to my father John, myself and all his other
colleagues at JLGoor.

Philip has worked for us for the past 22 years and we had become close and
firm friends. He was my right hand man.

News of his passing has taken the wind from our sails, metaphorically
speaking. Irene III's ensign flag is flying at half-mast as Johnny Frey, my
sister Sabine, our fellow crew members and myself contemplate the enormity
of Philip's loss.

Ar Dheis De go Raibh a Anam.


Louis Goor

The weather has been in our favour this past 24 hours. Winds are gusting
between 25-30 knots, the main sail is well reefed, we've rigged a staysail
and we're still making 8 knots an hour. Earlier we sailed through the 750
nautical miles mark.