New Years eve for some...Day for others :)

Wed 31 Dec 2014 11:46
17:04.727N 049:38.275W

Still no luck with the elusive fish since our stolen lure but Sam has created a secret weapon so we will see what today brings.

Fairly big rolly seas at the moment good old workout trying to stand and do anything. Another nice sunny day, strange how when the sun comes up the clouds retreat to the horizon and you seem to be in a blue sky hole then as the sun begins to set the clouds decide its high time to move again and start to close in on you!
Still getting the odd lightning squall coming through but sailing along nicely ticking off the miles to Antigua, should be over 50degrees soon!!

The boys have started another movie, Captain Philips.

Hope everyone in NZ had a good New Years eve! and that everyone in the UK and wherever else in the world this is being read have a good New Years eve tonight!

Escape! :)