Tue 23 Dec 2014 11:40
Not sure what happened to yesterdays Blog, we were a bit caught up in the moment of flying everything we could find on Escape.

First we had Eddies light weight Spinnaker up which was going well on port gybe, then the wind shifted so we dropped and put up BIG BLUE. Braved our first night of flying the Parasail which did ok, averaging 5-6kts in 7-10kts of wind! Then the wind dropped and did a big shift. So after a well oiled drop and a bit of toe stubbing on the foredeck we have been cracking on at a blistering 4 - 5 kts going West as quick as possible!

We have also had a few ships to chat with over the last few days, Sam had a confusing night going between two tankers called EEF and REEF! We had one this morning who was going to be in New York for New Years!

Cruising along slowly at the moment with the white flappy things up, enjoing the sunrise and the lure is out so fingers crossed, Pete has had a bite already so hopefully the fish like the slow pace!