Just another day in the Atlantic....

Sun 28 Dec 2014 12:07
17:10.829N 042:02.778

Well yesterday was a lovely quiet but eventfull day. After a morning of book reading, napping and bobbing about with no wind we decided it was time for a swim! Lovely and refreshing and so clear, slightly spooky at the same time though, ONLY 4000M DEEP!

Not long after our dip we caught a monster Mahi Mahi (photo evidence is included) But unfortunatly Pete had him a metre from the boat and he snapped the trace and stole our best lure! Poor fish is going to have a sore mouth!

As the batteries were nicely powered up we thought we would treat ourselves to the start of a movie so after dinner we put on Master and Commander. Only watched the first hour saving the rest for another night.

Lovely morning thismorning with the breeze filling in and Big Blue back up! Heading West!!

Hope all is well at home everywhere!

Escape :)

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