If Carlsberg did ocean crossings....

Sat 20 Dec 2014 12:12
So after almost catching a Whale and some dolphins on the big fella lure we decided to get Jo's Mahi Mahi lure on the job, and before the cornflakes had been poured there was a nice little fella on the line!
Looking forward to lunch!

Tested out one of Petes dry shampoo head bags....yes it was as strange as in sounds...First instruction was to Microwave slight issue there so we went for the cold shampoo option. Basically its a shower cap full of dry shampoo (that was actually wet) then you towel it off a voula...Well atleast Jo's head smells good now! Lucky boys with their short hair!

Another lovely calm night lastnight and sailing along nicely again today with the barn doors out.

Hope alls well everywhere!

Team Escape

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