2 July

Elemiah's Atlantic Adventure
Ian Cole and Rosemary Bointon
Fri 4 Jul 2008 14:34
We are getting closer. After a morning of light airs, we put up the angel until about 6.30pm when a squall came through. We are now about 80 miles from Horta and should arrive tomorrow morning.

Last night, I heard a most peculiar noise whilst on watch. An animal noise right next to me. It wasn't a dolphin so perhaps it was a whale. Then today, Curtis actually saw a whale. He saw its back and its fluke as it dived under.

The steering continues to be very hard work - we need to look at it in Horta.

We have phoned ahead to say that we are arriving. We need to clear in the boat and pay the VAT to the customs people. Duncan Sweet of Mid Atlantic Services is arranging it for us. We are all looking forward to long hot showers and to sleeping right through the night instead of getting up for our two hour watches. We are eating up all the left over bits and pieces.

One more night at sea - I must check the lights we may see as we approach land.

Rosemary and Ian