14/15 June

Elemiah's Atlantic Adventure
Ian Cole and Rosemary Bointon
Sun 15 Jun 2008 20:27
Saturday was very hot and we worked very hard at provisioning the boat. Multiple trips to Bridgewater later we were all done. It was amazing how carfuls of food disappeared into the storage on board. After a long afternoon, it was all stowed.

JPEG image

Here is the fridge - stowed to the brim. The freezer is equally full!

In the evening we cooked our first meal on board - it felt like a triumph.

On Sunday we made a reasonably early start - for a Sunday - and took the boat out. The wind was very light but we managed to hoist all the sails.

JPEG image

The crew hid so that I could not take their photos whilst they hoisted the mainsail.

JPEG image

but I got them when they weren't looking.

We fitted all the reefing lines and tried out the reef on the mizzen. That all seems to work.

We did lots of manoeuvring to practise. Elemiah is a big boat! She is has quite a large turning circle and does not take kindly to going in reverse at all.

JPEG image

This is not a photo of a frog in a green swamp but a photo of the track of our manoeuvring around the bay just outside Lunenburg as recorded by our Garmin chartplotter.

JPEG image

This is the life though.

Rosemary and Ian