We did it!

Elemiah's Atlantic Adventure
Ian Cole and Rosemary Bointon
Mon 14 Jul 2008 00:18
Elemiah has successfully crossed her ocean and we are safe and sound in Lagos Portugal. We arrived at 3.30 in the afternoon of Saturday 12th July having left Nova Scotia at 6.25 in the morning on June 21st.

After checking into the marina, Ian, Roger and I made a mad dash for the airport at Faro and made it back to London the same night. Hannah and Curtis will have some peace and quiet and time to recover.

It was an experience that none of us would have missed for the world.

We will be moving Elemiah along the coast of Spain and into the Mediterranean over the coming weeks and I will from time to time update this blog. I will put some photos on the website in a couple of days

Rosemary and Ian