1st May 2014: We are still here in West End, Roatan, Honduras.

Da Capo
Arne and Leonie
Thu 1 May 2014 21:52

On good advice we will now cross the bar into the Rio Dulce on the 16th May. That will have a higher tide than the one previously planed.

There are 10000 Americans living here on Roatan, The population is 80000. We have met Germans, Bulgarians, French, Canadians, all living here..

There are thousands of tourists here.. It is a world famous dive spot. One of the cheapest places in the world to learn to dive. The town here is about what Surface Paradise would have been fifty years ago.. a bit like Bali several years ago...At the other end of the beach is a group of hotels on the beach. They are very populated with tourists. Lots of restaurants and bars. Water sports etc. To walk from the town end to the hotel end is a pleasant one hour walk. But not to do it at night as there are some sections that are bush where apparently bandits hide and rob the tourists as they go by.

When we sail from here we have been advised to stay well away from the Honduran mainland for there is some pirate activity..  We expect that we will find more boats going the same way and sail together for added security...