21:50:090N 80:18:767W In Cuban waters

Da Capo
Arne and Leonie
Mon 27 Jan 2014 12:48

In Cuban waters. 0715 hrs on Monday 28th January. 2014.

The sun has just risen revealing a rugged piece of coast line along the 15 nm stretch that we are now doing to the entrance of Cienfuegos harbor.

We had a very pleasant sail last night touching 7 knots. We have done 245 nm since leaving Jamaica. Once reaching the entrance to Cienfuegos harbor there will be about 6nm to the marina. We will leave the boat there so as to go overland to Havana to meet up with Jim our good friend who is flying in from Sydney to spend the next month with us cruising the south coast of Cuba. Christine if you are getting these blogs, can you tell Jim that it is cold here. We used blankets in the cockpit last night, most unusual. I think that the days will be hot, the nights cold.

The wind right now is just 9 knots, coming from behind. We have just taken in the main and the Genoa is giving us 4.3 knots. If it gets down too much we will motor in.  Good for the batteries that get depleted by the nav instruments, auto pilot and nav lights…