We are heading back to Cienfuegos

Da Capo
Arne and Leonie
Sat 22 Feb 2014 14:58

We are heading back to Cienfuegos. We need to be there on the 23rd so Jim can get his return flight back to Aus. On the 25th. We will stay a day or so after that before heading off. (Weather permitting) This has been a fishless fishing trip for Jim. The only fish caught (other than small ones good for bait) were the sharks and a few Barracuda which are poisonous.  They have lots of teeth and have been known to attack men (and women) one needs to be careful extracting the hook.

This could be the last of the blogs. I was on a free trial period and when I went to pay the price went up by 50% as what was originally stated on the web site AND the minimum period is six months. That was not stated on the web site either, as far as I know. I saw it as monthly. Seeing that we will be home by June I am not going to pay the  90 UK pounds they are asking.    We will have normal internet acess when we get to the next country which will be in a week or two at the most. Untill then...