RE: trade winds at last after ITCZ

Blue Raven
Sun 10 Apr 2016 12:52

Brian etal,

Glad to hear you are underway again.  Your plan looks good.  I just checked and it looks like getting below 7 or 8 deg will keep you out of the wet zone.  Winds look SE to ESE for the rest of the week in the 15 knot range.  I see no wet convergence stuff below 7.5 the entire week. 

Should be good sailing.  We miss you all.  No sailing for us yet.  Snowed here yesterday and been cold and windy here for weeks.  Still have the winter cover on Tenho… to windy to remove it.  Hope to have it off soon and begin the boating part of our lives again.  All good here and busy with stuff.  I am involved now with the UAS countermeasure eval group.  I will meet with them soon and see what the big boys are developing…. I will let you know.

Greg and I will provide you with daily GRIB analyses until you get downloads.