Position update Day 5 to Cape Verde

Blue Raven
Mon 16 Nov 2015 07:54
N17:30 W24:30.5
4 flying fish, 1 squid and 1 bird on deck over night. The bird will be released this morning after a comfy night in a box.
Wind 15 to 23 knots NE. Sailing goose wing (Main sail one side Genoa the other) with engine in low winds.
Lost a lure yesterday on the hand line. The wire tracer was still there so something big made was too big for the twisted knot.
The catamaran behind us has been fun. We played a guessing game of what nationalities each boat's crew was. Lots of laughter and joking. They have a gym on board so the are in shape for the BVI islands at the other end. Needless to say its an all male crew.
We have discovered that the boom out on one side relfects radar very well. When a container ship passes to port we see another "virtual ship" on the other side. This has happened twice now. Our radar is on the stern just above boom height.