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Blue Raven
Mon 15 Jun 2015 14:26
N36 26 W 53 20
Last night was rather busy, as the frontal system passed over us. iLightening in the dark was interesting and the waves crests glowed. The Yacht performed very well in a following sea. Waves 6 to 9 foot, wind SW 40 + knots, polled out 1/3 gen. We were down wind. Hit 11.4 knots and did 200 NM for the day.
We are glad we deflatted the dinghy and tied it on the front deck, it would have been quite likely damaged if we had it on th davits. some waves were reaching the outboard on the back rail.
The clonking from everything in the cupboards got to be very annoying as we were going back and foward left right with the waves. All the cupboards now have tea towels separating cups and plates to stop the "click" "click" "click".
Family is all good , catching up with sleep today and enjoying the blue sky. Seas are still confused and we have a 2 kt head current so keeping the boat speed above 8kts.