Web Diary 10 - Blue Fox

Fri 9 Dec 2005 12:55

Ahoy there! Its been almost 2000 miles since I last wrote a diary, its absolutely flown by. The mid-way feast was enjoyed, an abandoned yacht was encountered, a rogue wave was endured, many kinds of wildlife were spotted (dad reckons even a shark mr cullen!), on top of all that we’ve been keeping busy with our daily routines, and the time has literally sailed by. St Lucia is quickly approaching the horizon (590 to go) and it is hard to decide whether we’re excited to be reaching the finish line, or getting disappointed for the same reason. One thing is for certain though, a hot stable shower and an ice cold beer will be most welcome, I intend to try both simultaneously. We’re truckin along at about 8 knots now, with a wind speed of up to 30kts, needless to say we have significantly reefed sails. Last night myself and Jim preformed a 999 rescue of a flying fish. The victim soared onto the seat beside me before flopping onto the toe rail. The wind was rip roaring so we had to harness in before releasing the poor chap. He made it, and jim swears that he leapt out of a wave to give us a wave and show its gratitude. The swell we first encountered a few days ago has maintained its strength and vigorous washing machine motion, so we’re beginning to wonder if we’ll simply topple over when we stand on terra firma once more. There was one particular wave we encountered last night that when we reached its peak it had a 20-25 foot near vertical drop. I’ll be perfectly honest with you, no yachtmaster tricks were attempted, we simply closed our eyes and just hoped to god that Oyster Yachts had designed Blue Fox to fly! Since we left Las Palmas one of the most enjoyable things to do during a night watch is to watch the depth sounder. It generally sits on whatever the last reading was, as we are drifting above thousands of metres of water, but every now and then is flashes to some ridiculous depth such as 5 metres, it then continually drops until it reaches 0.6ish at which point whoever the culprit was vanishes, the imagination stirs up brilliant theories that help to pass long night watch hours. Everyone is beginning to stir, and the day that has dawned is quite overcast, promising to work each of us as we take our turns helming. Anyway I best get back to my game of shuffle board and dreaming of rum punch and steel drums



14’38N 50’51W