Web Diary No4 - 251105

Sat 26 Nov 2005 11:58



24/11/05 1800.


Larry and Dave have described very well the build up and start to ARC 2005.  It’s an incredible opportunity, a once in a lifetime chance for me.  A big thank you to Larry for taking on the challenge – me, not the ARC!  The excitement of the start and first day or so has quickly faded with very slow progress over the last few days. 

Excitement is now centred round things like getting above 2kts SOG. Or, speculating on the identity of boats spotted on the horizon.  At one point today there was almost a stampede up onto the deck when an object was seen floating 100 yards off stbd.  We rushed up with cameras and binocs only to find it was a stray lobster pot.  During lulls between these bouts of excitement, we busy ourselves with various tasks and pastimes.  Liam, John and Ben burn off surplus brain cells solving Sudoku puzzles, constantly checking that two of the same number are not co-habiting on the same row, column or square. Dave, the youngest on board by a couple of years or so likes to read or watch the odd movie – odd being the operative word.  He also spends time each day on the aft deck working on his ‘six pack’.  My own is more appropriately called a ‘sick pack’!


The good news today is that the Skipper has announced he will be taking a shower tomorrow.  Personally, I think he’s fine but there again I don’t have to sleep with him.  Ben’s face suggested relief.


25/11/05  1200


Good news is that we have had decent wind over the last 12-16 hours.  We are currently truckin along at a very respectable 7.5 kts.


Ciao and talk soon.




PS  In an effort to bolster our diminishing fresh meat supply Dave has unpacked Rodney the fishing rod. A synthetic sickly pink squid hangs off the end of it but no takers so far.







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