Web Diary 7 - Blue Fox

Fri 2 Dec 2005 12:48

Before I bring you up to speed with current events I would like to set the record straight relative to the previous Web Diaries – 5&6. Ivan the fish was ‘slightly’ smaller than 100 lbs; he slid out of the hands of ‘one hook’ Dave; banged his head on the toe rail before we could get the hook out of his mouth; and went back into the briny sea with one hell of a sore jaw. Mind you Dave did redeem himself by catching another fish which I turned into a tasty appetiser before dinner yesterday. Staying on things fishy, we are now experiencing plenty of flying fish. They are absolutely amazing, being the ‘missing link’ between fish and fowl. They launch themselves out of the water and can fly up to 50-60 ft before disappearing back into the water. Last night one flew straight across the cockpit while I was on the helm – probably no more than 18” in front of my face and scarred the sh*t out of me. Who says sailing is not a contact sport – I am considering issuing the crew with helmets and gum shields!


Finally we have got some wind over the last couple of days, actually at times slightly too much. But we aren’t complaining after sitting around becalmed for a number of days it is a happy relief. Mind you the Atlantic swell has also really built up and it makes helming pretty hairy, especially at night. I compare it to standing up trying to steer a roller coaster in the pitch black!!


For those of you who fear that we are slowly starving to death – relax. We take turns each day to cook the main meal and each day the bar is continually set higher. Mind you we are close to the end of the fresh food so it will start challenging the culinary imaginations from now on.


I have also noticed in recent days that the hygiene standards have taken a step in the right direction. As the water maker is behaving itself it allows a shower per person every 3 days. But much better than that we have got into a clothes washing frenzy!! I came up on watch this afternoon to find the guard rails full with pegged out washing. It reminded me of an oriental laundry. And these are crew would could not describe what the inside of a washing machine looks like back at home – needs must I guess!


Someone suggested that it can get boring out on the Atlantic, however I must say the days seem to fly by with all the various tasks to be completed. Mind you this does not stop the crew getting quality time at their favourite pastime – Sudoko. In fact I even heard a suggestion that we should rename this the Sudoko Challenge for Cruisers.


On a more sombre note we sailed up to an abandoned sailing vessel this afternoon. It was the 42ft Sweden yacht called Caliso (photo attached). It had been abandoned by its crew from what we understand because its keel box had been damaged and was taking in water. Thankfully we passed it during the day as I shudder to think what would have happened if we collided with it at night. Mind you it was eerie to see a boat bobbing around on its own in the middle of the Atlantic – shades of the Marie Celeste.


Well that’s about it from the good ship Blue Fox – thankfully she continues to perform to her usual high standards. We are currently about 1750 miles from St Lucia, so still a lot of sailing and web diaries left to go. Meanwhile all crew are well and if they are plotting mutiny it is well outside my ear shot for the moment.





16.05N 030.46W

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