Web Diary 12 - Blue Fox

Tue 13 Dec 2005 19:15
At 03:37 UTC on 13/12/05 (23:37 on 12/12/05 local time) we were at position
14.04N 060.56W. For those who are not overly familiar with the location it
is the finishing line for the ARC in Rodney Bay. Yes folks we successfully
completed our transatlantic voyage during the night. And what a way to
finish. As we came around Pigeon Island on our final approach we rounded
onto the wind and let Blue Fox do what Blue Fox does best. We hardened up
the sails; she dropped her starboard shoulder slightly and literally surged
forward. Crossing the line at 8 kts with the sound of air horns blowing and
the crew being dazzled by flash bulbs from the chase boat.
To say the emotions were running high is a slight understatement; however we
didn't have the luxury of sitting back. The sails were quickly stowed,
engine on and the concentration was focused on navigating a very tight
entrance into Rodney Bay marina in the night time darkness - a tricky
A berth had been allocated for us and the ARC shore crew did a fantastic job
in guiding us safely to the location. And there awaiting us to take our
lines was a welcoming party complete with a 'one man' steel band and a
savouring tray of cold rum punches!

The last 24 hours seemed to go very slow with the mileage left to run
creeping down agonisingly slowly. Indeed it also was probably the most
difficult sea conditions encountered with every so often a couple of rogue
waves hitting us obliquely to the normal wave direction. However as always
the crew were able to cope comfortably with the task at hand.
...and talking about the crew what a fantastic bunch of guys. I always
believe that success is built on a good team and this adventure was no
- To David for always being up to the task no matter what the conditions
threw at us;
- To Ben for nursing all things mechanical and doing one better than turning
water into wine by making fresh water;
- To Jim for baking the best soda bread ever produced at a 30 degree angle;
- To Liam for providing us with plenty of fishing stories about the ones
that got away and his ability to avoid getting wet during squalls;
- To John for helping the watches to pass quickly with his lessons in
astronomy and stories from the flight deck...
....a big sincere thank you, from the heart, you made my job a skipper very
Finally to the family and friends back at home a big big thank you from all
the crew. Your support was instrumental in helping us achieve one of our
dreams - conquering the Atlantic.
Anyway I better sign off as we have cleaned the boat and, as 'it is five o
clock somewhere' we must be away in searching for a cool rum punch.

Best wishes,


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