Web Diary 9 - Blue Fox

Wed 7 Dec 2005 14:06

17 days into our voyage today.  We expected to be in St Lucia by now when we were preparing for this trip, which has been slower than we expected due to the light winds for the first 4 days and the need to go 300 miles further than the great circle route.  (Tuesday  morning) we took a wave over the bow – a rogue, I guess – and it came in through some of the portholes which are left open in good weather for ventilation, the temp. being about 30 degrees C. So today we will look like a Chinese laundry as we dry out our wet bedding. No harm done though. Today is very dark with squall showers all about so it could be a day of reef – unreef – reef again ! This morning is a happy one though because we have less than 1000 nm to go, and it is Bacon Buttie morning – Fried egg, bacon and tomato in a buttered roll !  We do this every couple of days for a treat and it lifts morale greatly.  All fresh food otherwise is now gone and we are improvising with making exciting meals with tins and other bits and bobs – a bit like Ready Steady Cook without the ingredients !  From now on we expect to make 150 nm per day getting us into St Lucia late Tuesday 13th.  The deadline for the rally is the 18th so we are well in on that target.  Last night we caught a huge dorado – a beautiful mackerel like fish with rainbow markings. Unfortunately for us he chewed through the line just as he was being hauled on deck.  We now see that you need a wire bridle on the lure to stop this happening so next time we do the ARC we will know better! In fact there are many things you learn and no amount of reading makes up for doing it. I must write them all down and pass them on at a talk at the yacht club back in home in Dublin. No point in getting others to re-invent the wheel. The trade winds are truly settled in now and we spoke to “Herb” last night about the weather. He is our weather guru in Ontario ~Canada who does us a forecast every day and reads it to us on SSB short wave radio. He does this for up to 50 boats every evening and does not charge anything – amazing!  That’s all for now folks. From all of us on Blue Fox, take care of yourselves and we will do the same. There is still a lot of water between us and our destination – the distance say, from Dublin to Lisbon and yet we think we are almost there with over 2000 miles already gone. David just told me 937.7 nm to go at 1000 hours, Tuesday.  Bye for now and wrap up well .  We don’t need to!

Ps last night the crew on deck had an impromptu  shower when it started to pour with rain – horizontal stuff at about 1900 hrs local and Liam Lalor  ran down below and shut the forehatch “to stop water coming in “ !!  When we opened it again 10mins later the 4 on deck were soaked but at least we can save on showers today!

Signing off at 14 33 N  44 49 W  1000 hours Tuesday 7th.  John Leahy. Chief bottlewasher.