Web Diary No2 - 221105

Wed 23 Nov 2005 13:26

Well Folks,

It is just gone 20:00hrs UTC and I have come off watch After riveting speeds of up to 4kts – yes you have guessed it the winds are still very very light and we are struggling to make distance having covered just over 200 miles since we started. Today, mind you, was quite successful having made up for the disappointment of the generator not working. We are charging the battery bank now via the engine and using the invertor we are able to generate AC to power this laptop etc. We also managed to make water and so the prospect of refreshing showers looms. We have had the opportunity to try out various sail configurations and experiment without fear of major issues because of the light winds and so we feel that we know the optimum sail set up if we ever manage to get decent winds.

The crew are all settling in very nicely and making the most of their sailing and indeed culinary expertise. Jim cooked up a lovely Caribbean chicken yesterday, Liam conjured up some bacon and egg butties for lunch, however Dave eclipsed all this tonight with a beef ala surprise. The pressure is truly on me for tomorrow night.

John is amazing us all with his prowess with the sextant and SSB and Ben is like a mother hen with all things mechanical. So you can see I am being quite successful with one of my few talents – delegation. Seriously though the guys are working great as a team and with all the various jobs the day seems to just fly by – only got to read two chapters of my book so far!!

Today was interspersed with a whale sighting, viewing the ‘green flashes’ at sunset and one of the most spectacular beams of night light from Venus that I have ever seen. So that’s it for the moment from the good ship Blue Fox. Watch this space for more diary pages from the rest of the crew.


Slan libh go leir,